Before social media, employers could only rely on resumes and references to learn about their potential candidates and future employees. Social media has changed this. It is estimated that as of 2016, 1.96 billion people used some form of social media. While social media has been a wonderful advancement in communication, it is also an area for job seekers to exercise caution with.  If you are a job hunter, here are some tips to make sure your social media presence helps your search for employment, not hurt it.

  1. Your Profile Picture: A professional head shot is not necessary, but you should try to have a reasonable looking profile picture that does not include any profane gestures or symbols (or anything else that could be offensive to a potential employers)
  2. Your Content: Be sure to watch what you say on social media. Although it is great for speak with family and friends, avoid bad talking any current or past employers and excessive foul language or obscenity. This should also include being cautious about what pictures you share.
  3.  Your Friends: There is always a chance that a future employer is a mutual friend and could see something that you share or post.

Social media is a fantastic tool for communication, and if used correctly can be a great way to connect with potential employers.